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Banque Provinciale du Canada

A few years ago, I was in Point-Aux-Roches/Stoney Point, when I spied this on a pizza place on the main road through town.

Turns out that the Banque provinciale du Canada a.k.a. Provincial Bank of Canada according to Wikipedia, … merged with the Banque Canadienne Nationale to form the National Bank of Canada in 1979.

Looking at the building above, as you will see, it’s obvious they used the plans for small town branches more than once…

From the Windsor Daily Star, July 30, 1936:


Two young gunmen robbed the St. Joachim branch of the Provincial Bank of Canada yesterday afternoon, taking $2,700 (about $27,000 $42,000 in 2008 dollars) – including $50 in pennies and $168 in silver. The left Camille Dicaire, young manager of the bank in a vault which they had believed they had securely locked. Mr. Dicaire is shown above…

… With the front of the St. Joachim bank …

… and Mr. Napoleon Trepanier, one of the only two persons who saw the bandits enter or leave the bank. Mr. Trepanier was seated on a bench in front of the General Store next door, chatting with Stanislaus Pinsonneault, but the two of them did not know there had been a hold-up until informed by Mr. Dicaire, 10 or 15 minutes after the bandits had gone.

The safe from which the gunmen, extracted all but a few hundred dollars of their loot.

Above is a view of Highway 2 (today, county Rd. 42), in front of the bank, showing the bank in the background.

I wonder if they ever got caught? I wonder how much they loved $50 in pennies!

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