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Tecumseh & St Anne - Tecumseh - c. 1953

Above is a shot of the corner of Tecumseh Road and St. Anne Boulevard in the town of Tecumseh. Here’s the same view about 60 years later. The missing steeple on the church is probably the biggest change to the landscape here. Does anyone know the history of the building on the south east corner? I always thought it kind of looked like a post office but I can’t really tell from this…
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Essex CountyOld Photographs

The Big Tomato - Leamington - Then and Now

The photo above shows the Leamington visitor information booth, better known as “The Big Tomato” about 1965. The booth was built in 1961. Located at the corner of Talbot and Mill Streets. Above is a shot of the booth today, via Google streetview. Click here for…
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Windsor, Essex & Lakeshore Rapid Railway Powerhouse - Kingsville

The old WE&LS interurban streetcar line that ran from Windsor to Leamington, via Essex and Kingsville may be a long distant memory, but there are a few small traces of the old network still around today. This building on Park Street in Kingsville down near the harbour, one did duty as the county end Powerhouse of the electric railroad. This Post card view is from the Vintage Kingsville…
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S.W. & A 451 - 1938

A neat photo of SW & A Amherstburg Interurban Car # 451. This picture was taken May 5, 1938, the note on it reads that taken prior to scrapping. This car was purchased new in 1924 from the Ottawa Car Company and ran until service on the Ameherstburg line converted to…
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Historic Train Slideshow - Number 12

OK IM fans, the July slide show is the show for you… The show Saturday July 6, is going to feature a joint presentation between myself and the legendary Bernie Drouillard. A good time will be had by all. Don’t miss out. Saturday, July 6th, 7.30pm – Action Hobbies hosts Historical Train Slide Show #12 Free admission! We’re very pleased to announce the next slide show event…
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Action Hobbies Rail Slideshow # 11

For anyone who’s interested, here’s a reminder of the next rail slideshow, this Saturday night… There’s always some neat stuff here. Check it out. Just a reminder that this Saturday, May 4th is the AHKHTSS#11. The show starts at 7.30pm at Action…