Essex CountyPhoto Du Jour

Lost Essex County - Southwick

Today we jump in the car and head back to the county, in search of more lost Essex County. The map shows the town as being just south of the Michigan Central tracks in this map from 1959. The MCRR tracks are long gone, but the remains of the rail line can still be seen. Across the street in a field, there appeared to be a pile of junk. Upon further inspection it would seem that that’s…
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Essex CountyPhoto Du Jour


Do you ever look at a map of Essex County and wonder what the heck all those little dots with strange names are? All kinds of phantom towns or villages are listed on the maps, new and old. So off we went in the hopes of finding some of lost Essex County. The first target was…
Essex CountyPhoto Du Jour

Eglise St. Joseph

I was out this weekend shooting in the county with John, Mike and Allison, when we came up to Eglise St. Joseph in River Canard. Built in 1913, the church is a county landmark, however I had never before been inside. The cornerstone reflects the fact that the area was a…