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Ste. Claire

Built in 1910, and along with her sister ship, 1902’s Columbia, the Ste. Claire ferried passengers from Detroit to Boblo Island until Labor Day 1991. The ship has a capacity of 2500(!) passengers. The ship was purchased by new owners in 2006 who are trying to restore the ship and get it back running as a river cruise ship in time for her 100th birthday in 2010. This winter they plan to…
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Happy Birthday

Today International Metropolis is happy to celebrate our 4th anniversary. This website launched, looking very different in its version 1.0, on June 15, 2003 with the photo above. The photo above was the former general offices of the Miller-Strom Company on the corner of…

Slumpy Collapse Caught On Film

As you know I’ve spent many years and many posts documenting old Slumpy A few weeks ago she collapsed, and you have to love the power of the internet, someone caught it on camera. Click here to watch the collapse on Youtube. If you’re at work, turn down the…
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Slumpty Dumpty

Long time readers will know that I have been documenting the Livingstone house in Detroit’s Brush Park over the last 5 years. I’ve had a long time friendly bet with dETROITfUNK about who would be the first to capture Ol’ Slumpy when she finally collapsed. dFUNK was first getting up the photos about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been so busy with all the stuff going down on our side, I…
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Belle Isle Bridge Approach

Here are a pair of photos of the long gone Belle Isle Bridge Approach in Detroit. The original bridge was built in 1889, and destroyed in a fire in 1915. In 1923, the current bridge was built to link the mainland to the island. When it opened there was a nifty underground…
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Back north of the border for today’s photo. Well, it’s sad to say, but I think time’s about up for old Slumpy. When both layers of bricks peel off, and the structural interior framing starts to give way, it’s just a matter of time. Compared to…
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2007 North American International Auto Show

January means autoshow. In the annual installment, I present this year’s NAIAS. Here are some highlights, and in no particular order… The Lamborghini display… The Maserati display… The Mitsubishi Prototype-X. This was on a Nissan hybrid, I’ve never seen this notice before… Is it to keep away corporate spies? Well Jeep did it last year (and again this year)…
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2006 - The Year In Review

As I have been doing for the last several years (the 2005 Review is here, 2004, 2003), I try to recap the buildings that have been lost over the past year, and present them as a summary. This house in Windsor went up in flames to an arsonist early in the Summer of 2006.
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Replanning Downtown Detroit - Part 8 of 8

DOWNTOWN RING ROAD Section “G” on the map: William J. Johnson, Landscape Architect, of Eichstedt-Johnson David B. Spaulding Ulrich Weil of Weil-Cohan Associates Scheme of ring road in realtion to surrounding area. Study of ring road development. In the early…