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2007 North American International Auto Show

January means autoshow. In the annual installment, I present this year’s NAIAS.

Here are some highlights, and in no particular order…

The Lamborghini display…

The Maserati display…

The Mitsubishi Prototype-X.

This was on a Nissan hybrid, I’ve never seen this notice before… Is it to keep away corporate spies?

Well Jeep did it last year (and again this year) so Land Rover thought it would be a good idea to go with the most overused theme of the autoshow. Water.

The Chevy Sequel eco-car.

The 2007 Giugiaro Mustang.

It wouldn’t be the autoshow without seeing an asshat under a pickup truck.

Two of Detroit’s Finest, check out one of Flat Rock’s finest.

The Jeep Trailhawk, on a display very similar to last year’s.

The Honda Accord

The Mercedes display was probably the neatest one this year. The cars were parked on ice, and the walls in the backgroud were ice as well. It was like a cross between a meat locker and a hockey rink.

The all new for 2008 redesigned Windsor built Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan Minivans.

The Hyundai Hellion.

The Dodge Display.

The Chrysler Nassau concept. It is likely to be the replacement for the 300.

The Ford Interceptor.

The 1974 Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR that won the Safari Rally

The Chevy Volt Electric Car.

I remeber reading about this 1,000,000 mile Saab, not too long ago.

Peter Gilbert of Wisconsin, recently retired this 1989 Saab that he’s had since he bought it new, but only after putting a million miles on it.

The Mazda Ryuga concept.

Now for my personal highlight. Tucked away in the basement in the corner by the food court was this display from Changfeng Motor. This should hopefully serve as a wake up call to anyone who still doubts the Chineese are coming.

The back end of the Liebao CS6

The Liebao CS7

The UU-CT3

Watch out, they’re coming hard.

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