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1587 McDougall Demolition

Happy leap year! Let’s celebrate February 29th by knocking something down… Back in May 2008, there was a massive fire at the front part of this building. Driving past I noticed that the next section of the building is coming down too. There appears to be quite a bit of century old steel in there… I’m sure that’s the reason for the careful demolition. Sad to see…
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2011 - The Year In Review

Well we’ve made it through another year… Seems like a large number of demolitions this year… Parkway demolition continued in full force, so there are probably some demolitions I missed, if so as always, add ’em in the comments. Here’s what I…
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Ada C. Richards - Follow up

Back on the 7th, we took a final look at Ada C. Richards School. Last weekend, I swung by to take a look at the aftermath. The structure is completely gone. Just a pile of rubble remains. The sidewalk to the door remains, but lead only to bricks. Houses on side streets are now visible from Ontario Street. No idea what the future holds for this parcel of land. It was sold earlier in the year…
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Casino Area Demolition

Over the weekend, some more demolitions took place. This house above… …along with this one next door were both torched in a fire in April 2009. Two and a half years later, they came down over this past weekend. Sadly this large Victorian Commercial building…
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Recent Losses

Happy Monday everyone. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend. Today’s post is thanks to Google Street View and a couple of recently lost buildings in Windsor. The Whiski Jack Bar, was the victim of arson last week. So this old handsome brick building from…