Proposed CN Station – 1945

Proposed Riverside CN Station – 1945 – John Schofield, architect

The rendering above, shows the planned, and unbuilt plans, for a new CN passenger rail station along the riverfront, to replace the existing station that was located at the foot of Goyeau St, along the riverfront. CN had indicated that a new station for Windsor was a priority in the post war era. With plans for the new civic centre along the riverfront (which is today Dieppe Park), the station was designed to fit in, and would have been located just east of Station St., with no tracks on the west side of the station.

Plans included a large picture window on the the back of the station to give the view over the river and the Detroit Skyline. The plans were drawn up by John Schofiled, who was the chief architect for Canadian National Railways, and is responsible for designing stations from coast to coast.

It’s a shame this one never got built. It is an attractive modern structure, and would have been a beauty. As it was the old CN station remained, until the new CN station in Walkerville was built to replace it, about 20 years after this plan failed. That station remained in place until the new VIA station opened to replace it.

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