Walkerville Hydro Office – c 1928


A view of what was then the Walkerville Hydro building at the corner of Wyandotte and Argyle. The building is still standing and is home the the Blackburn Radio offices.

It’s a handsome looking building and still features the crest of the Town of Walkerville over the front door. Look up next time you’re in the area.

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  1. I see this building every day and never knew. Also glad to see a new post! Hope your vacation was good.

  2. Off topic but thank you Andrew for working so hard to keep this wonderful site going. I’m too old to understand “hacking” and why it happens. I missed my morning IM read and am so happy to see you back and even better than before. Hope all the archives are intact. Hope you realize how much pleasure you bring to all your fans.

  3. >Mark G In 1970 wasn’t the Drivers Test Centre was on University W on the NE corner at Askin?(currently a U 0f W parking lot)?

  4. It was the MTO road test centre into the 80’s as well. Got my G licence from there in 1988. I believe the motorcycle test course was across the street as well.

  5. I took my D/L there as well. They were notorious for taking prospective new drivers over the Peabody Bridge – where many instantly failed their exam for speeding. No driver’s ed instructor worth his salt neglected to warn the class about this!

  6. Yes, I as well got my G license there around 1985. And yes, the M (motorcycle) license was across the street in the parking lot.

  7. To Bob C. Yes road test was in this building. I remember Instructors name was Mr Hail Or Hale. Guy was very Military. Scared the heck out of 16yr old drivers.PS I flunked first try

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