Windsor International Transit Terminal – 2007


Going through some old photos, while getting the computer back on line this past weekend, I came across this shot from January, 2007. Still under construction, and a while away from being done, is this shot of the new Bus Station. Love it or hate it, it’s certainly a big improvement over the old terminal, functionally, if not architecturally.

Thanks for your patience everyone during the technical issues last week.

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  1. funny that the place was built but 8 years ago but the washroom looks like it’s been around since the 70’s

  2. I was there twice to drop people off who were visiting from out of town. It was years after it opened and there was no Greyhound arrival/departure board, no timetables, no ticket agent and no platform signage indicating which buses where going where. Two Greyhounds pulled in at the same time. No announcements as to which bus was going where. Drivers sat in their buses with the doors closed until departure time. You had to ask them which bus was which and they weren’t very enthusiastic about answering. I called Greyhound customer service and the city. Both couldn’t have cared less that I called. Oh, and if you ship a package with bus express, you have to pick it up at the Greyhound garage on Walker Road. So other than being a roof over one’s head, it’s a fairly useless facility.

  3. Gosh, that place has been there 8 years already? It doesn’t seem like that long. I remember when it was that grungy mess across from the old Tunnel Barbecue. I love looking at Windsor’s history. As a 16 year old I can say that I wish I was born earlier and had gotten to enjoy more of the city before it had gotten to the point it’s at today.

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