Ojibway Tornado – June 17, 1946

    OJIBWAY, ONT – An unidentified man sits dejectedly
    amid the ruin caused by the tornado which struck
    here yesterday evening (6/17).

    CREDIT (ACME PHOTO) 6/17/46

Today’s photo comes from longtime reader Luc B., who sent along this photo and wondered if anyone recognized the unidentified man in the photo?

I hope everyone had a good long weekend and due to the holiday weekend there were no posts on Friday or Monday.

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  1. Don’t know that man but I do know that tornado…

    This Tornado has always been a big part of my family. My Grandma, Uncle and Dad had just arrived in Windsor to be with my Grandpa. They had only been here a couple of weeks when they were hit. They lived just behind Devonshire Mall and my Grandpa went to close the window and saw the trains blowing over on the tracks at the round house. On the 60th anniversary of this tornado CBC played a radio clip. My Dad heard it on his way back to the truck yard. Much to his shock they had interviewed my Grandma *the little war bride* Mrs. Wheeler. Here is a link to the CBC clip.

    My Dad has his account of the storm on his webpage.

  2. I remember the Jones family in Ojibway lost many mambers of the famuly, I thbk the father was one of the survivors …I am not sure if the is him in the picture.

  3. Corliss – Just looked up the family. The last surviving son just pasted away a few years ago. His Obit. says that his Mom, Dad and 3 of his 6 siblings were lost in the tornado… so it’s not the Dad.

  4. I used to work with a chap by the name of Ken Jones at Loomis Armoured Car in Windsor. He told me a story of loosing his family to a tornado in the west end of windsor in the 1940’s, would this be the same Jones family?

  5. This is very creepy. My grandma and I were just talking about this tornado last weekend. She said her dad moved her whole family from Brighton Beach to her new place in Windsor ONE DAY before this Tornado struck.
    Her dad went back the next day after that and saw his original house completely destroyed.
    His son and four daughters along with he and his wife would likely not have survived, and I wouldn’t be here to write this little note along with many of my kin!!

  6. We students stood at the windows of St Mary’s Academy and watched it hurdle towards us and then veer away. The city was largely without power for over a week. I remember my mother lighting a fire in the basement furnace and try to boil some water so she and my grandmother could have tea. It didnt work.

  7. My mother’s cousins were killed in that Tornado. John N. Jones (Father), Sadie Jones (Mother), as well as Frances, Harold and Marvin Jones. The father died 10 days after the tornado hit. So sad. It’s amazing that you can still find broadcasts of the event on the Internet

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