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Oliver Farm Subdivision

    “Officials of the small holdings development branch of the Veterans Land Act visited the Maryland or Oliver subdivision near Windsor yesterday to view the subdivision and judge it as par of the Dominion-wide competition which will name the best developed subdivision in the country. In the above picture, viewing a small holding in the Maryland subdivision, are (left to right): Mr. J.E. Bradshaw of London, supervisor of small holdings development for the Western Ontario district; Mr. A.C. Norcross, recently appointed superintendent of small holding development for Canada, and Mr. Gordon Way of Ottawa, public relations director for V.L.A. Mr. Norcross and Mr. Way have been touring the country inspecting the many small holdings subdivisions, and will act as judges in the Dominion-wide competitions.”

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One of the many little named places on the map of Windsor and Essex county, Oliver always intrigued me about how it got it’s name. Records from 1948 show House of Commons debate about both Roseland and the Oliver Farm Subdivision, and creating housing under the Veterans Land Act.

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It appears the area bounded by Montgomery, Talbot Road, Howard and Concession Road 6, make up the boundaries of the sub-division. A pass through with Google Streetview, reveals quite a few Victory Houses in the area.

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