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Devonshire Racetrack - 1932

This old news photo was taken July 23, 1932 at Devonshire Racetrack. Back when horse racing was illegal in Michigan, people used to flock to the Windsor tracks to see live racing. A neat view of the old clubhouse that fronted Howard Avenue. Also visible in this old photo, along with the Detroit skyline, is the old Windsor Gas Works. The Gas Works were located on the spit of land bordered by…
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St Clair College Mediaplex

The old Salvation Army building at Victoria & University, which has sat derelict for many years, is nearing the end of its conversion into the new St. Clair College Mediaplex. The Mediaplex, is nearly done, and on a super tight deadline in order to qualify for…

Hydro Substations

Today’s post is a bit of a big one… But this is only the tip of them… I’ve been long interested by the small neighbourhood hydro substations. Many blend in almost seamlessly into the surrounding area, with only the “Danger High Voltage&#8221…
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Ice breaking - 1928

Another old photo today. This one dates to 1928, again from the Detroit News or Detroit Times archives. The caption on the back of this one reads as follows: Str. LaSalle breaking its way through ice to the Windsor dock, 1-15-28. Taken from Str. Cadillac A neat view of the old ferry bashing its way through the ice. Interesting to see the backside of the Windsor Ferry Docks. Most of the…
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The Working Man's Mansion

From the Windsor Star Classifieds in October, 1971. View Larger Map Here’s the “Mansion” today. It’s a fact that our real estate hasn’t increased in value over the years, in fact Windsor has some of the most affordable property in the country.

Chinee Villa

Back in February of this year, I had a post about the Mai-Mai. The owners of the Mai-Mai it was discovered were also the owners of the east side’s Chinee Villa. A few weeks ago, I was out for lunch, and pull into the plaza next to the old Chinee Villa. The building is…

L.A. Young Spring & Wire Corporation - Plant 3

Back in April, 2009 we took a look at the former L.A Young Factory on McDougall. During a recent trip to the Home and Leisure Show at the Windsor Expo Centre/Ex-GM Transmission Plant, I was surprised to see a painted sign on the back of this St. Luke Rd. building. The building is old, looking from the 1920’s or 1930’s and is connected to the former Canadian Motor Lamp factory fronting…
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Fountain Unveiling - May 24, 1906

Back in December, 2008, I took an in-depth look at the Memorial Fountain that is located in Jackson Park. Included in the coverage was this ad: IN THE MORNING Unveiling of Memorial Fountain erected in the memory of the Essex Soldiers who fell in South Africa. Military…