Alley Houses

First off, sorry for the lousy quality of today’s photos… It was late evening, and a camera phone… 🙂 Now tell me a story… Who knows anything about Alley Houses? I recall during some of my research, reading in articles about “slums”, how these alley houses were a problem, many popping up during the depression, having been converted from garages. This place…
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Ouellette Avenue - Early 1950's

Car experts, I need your help again on this postcard. Maybe you can help me come up with a date, by ID’ing some of those old cars, parked curbside. OUELLETTE AVE., WINDSOR, CANADA Looking north on one of Windsor’s main throughfares, with Detroit skyline in…
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Vikings' Yacht Club

An interesting rendering from the Border Cities Star, May 1, 1929. Above is the architect’s drawing of the Vikings’ Yacht Club, construction of which is expected to start within a month, on Riverside Drive, just east of the Island View Hotel. The drawing shows…

664 Victoria Avenue

Located at 664 Victoria, and currently home to the Downtown Windsor Mission, the building was originally home to the Temple Baptist Church. The building was built in 1925, and designed by the local Windsor architect Douglas C. Winter, who just so happened to be a member of the congregation. Temple Baptist was closed in 2002, and the congregation merged with that of the Olivet Baptist Church, and…
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1017 Ouellette Avenue

Thanks to Urbanrat for the reminder that this house had become demolition number 1, for 2010. I looked high and low, but couldn’t come up with a photo of the place. Google streetview saves the day… The closest thing I had was this photo from 2003. You can see…
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Reader Submission

Today’s post comes courtesy of a regular reader named Jamie T. The photo was taken by Jamie’s father from the car, at the intersection of Ouellette and Riverside. On the far right hand side the British American Hotel is visible, and on the left is the brand new…

Ouellette & Riverside - 1920

Awww c’mon… Another postcard post! Sorry, for the lack of variety in the posts lately, I’ve found myself with less and less free time of late, so the post that require less work are the ones coming out lately… Soon enough though, spring is in the air, and the camera will soon be out on the prowl, and lots of new subject matter will come along with the spring (at least I…
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Howard Avenue Looking North - 1920

Today is an old post card that says it is looking north on Howard Avenue. I have driven Howard several times, but I have never been able to locate anything visible in the postcard. Given the corner location and age, I suspect it was either taken at the corner of Gilles or…
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Oliver Mowat Perry

There are places all around our fair city, that bear the names of people who were once well known prominent citizens. As the years pass, and memories fade, those names start to lose meaning, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who walks past a building or school…