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Devonshire Racetrack - Part II

* Part one is from July, 2007 Up today is a look at what used to be located on the site of today’s Devonshire Mall. The photo above shows the grandstand at the Devonshire Racetrack as seen from Howard Avenue. This was the paddock at the Devonshire Racetrack. This photo shows opening day of the 1924 race season. I’m often asked about the track, but I don’t have much…
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2010 Detroit Historical Photograph Calendar

Greetings local history fans, once again this year our friend and northern neighbour Robert K. has put together the 4th annual Detroit Historical Calendar. This is a great item for any fan of local area history. I have personally bought and enjoyed this calendar over the…
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Salt Mine Collapse

Up today is a Wire Photo from the Associated Press dated February 20, 1954. This one bears a stamp on the back from the “Reference Department – Detroit Times”. The caption reads: BUILDINGS GO UNDER IN SALT MINE CAVE IN Water area in the foreground shows…
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Ouellette Avenue 1970

Here’s an interesting photo. It was taken September 24, 1970 shortly after the opening of the Ouellette Avenue Mall. The info on the back indicates the musicians are: Pat Ciccone Frank Ciccone Angelo Russo and the kid is Christopher Bennett – 2 yrs old The photo is amazing, it’s neat to see a Windsor with the downtown streets packed. September 24th was a Thursday to boot. What…
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Sandwich Street - 1913

Today’s post features a view looking east along Sandwich Street (today’s Riverside Drive) from the intersection with what is today Viale Udine (just east of Ouellette). The streetcar to Amherstburg is visible in the foreground. Amazing how in less than a century…

New! Now you can suggest a future post

I’ve been working on a new feature, and I’ll shortly work it into the menu on the right hand side. I’ve created a form through Google Doc that will allow an easier way for readers to suggest topics for future posts. If there is something you would like to see covered on the site in a future post or if you have old photos like Kari did, and would like to see if myself or the…
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Downtown Windsor - Spring 2000

Today’s photos come from regular reader and commenter Clare, who sent me these photos earlier this year. Both photos show the Norwich Block area, in the period between demolition and before construction of the Candrel Building. The photos date to the Spring of…
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Park Theatre

The photo above was taken at the grand opening in 1940. From the Windsor Star: May 17, 1940: Windsor’s newest and most modern theatre – The Park – located on Ottawa street between Hall and Moy avenues, will open its doors tonight at 6:30 p.m. Above is shown…