2008 The Year In Review

Well, it would seem that after spending a good chunk of the afternoon sorting through photos from the past 12 months, that in 2008 the building stock in this city was severely beaten. Far and away this was one of the worst years I can remember since I started the site… Industrial Fires Fire claimed two prominently located old factories this past year. Above the building that houses‚Ķ
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Royale Tavern?

Anyone out on the east side at all today? I’m preparing for the annual Year in Review post, and I was just wondering if they’ve started in on it yet… Will it be the last demo of ’08 or the first one of ’09? ūüėČ If anyone drives past on their‚Ķ

The Emperor's New Clothes

I joke, but I honestly never thought I would live to see the day this house got covered up. If you’ve spent any time cruising around the city, you’ll know the house I’m talking about. 401 Parent, located on the south west corner of University and‚Ķ
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Flat Iron Building - Walkerville

Located on the south east corner of Riverside Dr. and Devonshire, the Flat Iron building designed by Mason & Rice was demolished by Hiram Walker’s parent company in 1995, in an attempt to pay less taxes. Today the site of the building remains an empty lot. Regular reader Robert Pratt, passed along a pair of photos he took of the Flat Iron Building in January, 1995, before the hammer‚Ķ
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Don't Forget... This Sunday - 8:00 pm

Click here to hear the commercial that has been running on CJAM — Just a quick reminder for Sunday night.. Should be fun! — Windsor Ex-pat and founding member of Spacing Media Shawn Micallef in conjunction with, Phog Lounge and‚Ķ
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Immaculate Conception

While searching for information about the Boer War Memorial a few weeks back, I came across these renderings for the “new” Immaculate Conception Church at Wyandotte and Marentette. Interesting to see that it was never built as designed. It was common in the past to plan the whole church, but build what you could afford. It would have been quite a landmark on the skyline if the‚Ķ
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Toledo Scale

The other day someone was asking about the old Toledo Scale Plant at Howard and Memorial. I don’t have much on it but here’s a copy of the Fire Map from 1937. Intersting to note that back then, Ypres and Memorial were two different roads, with Memorial running‚Ķ
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The Race Of The Century

There was once a time when Windsor was well known as a horse racing centre. There was the Windsor Jockey Club where Jackson Park and Kennedy sit today, there was Devonshire Race Track, which is today occupied by a Shopping Mall of the same name, and there was a third one…