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At the last Windsor-Essex Blogger Meeting, there was an idea to make a post today about your neighbourhood, and its amenities or lack there of.

You could post about something your neighbourhood has, that you like, or something that you wish you had that you don’t.

Instead of picking on the negatives, today I’m going to be a glass half full kind of guy. And say that I’m thankful for the abundance of markets within walking distance. While not up to the point where I can abandon the chain stores (although La Stella on Erie St. certainly makes it close), I can go pick up a few odd items to tide me over until I go out shopping without any problems. One of my favourites is the Family Fruit Market that opened on Mercer, just south of Wyandotte. It’s two blocks west, one block north, and you couldn’t ask for anything closer or more convenient. Fresh produce only steps away. They also have a butcher on site too. A rarity these days.

As gas gets more expensive, the neighbourhood markets once again become important.

Only a few short years ago, this building was closed up, and served as the warehouse to Veteran’s Plumbing on Wyandotte St.

Looking closely at the facade, you can make out the words “HUDSON SERVICE”, on this former Car Dealership.

So how about you? What amenities does your neighbourhood have that you like, or what do you wish you had?

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