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Now I’ve seen it all

Just when I think that I’ve seen every possible crime against architecture that stucco can be guilty of, well I stumble across this mess on Tecumseh Rd. and Pillette.

WTF? Who is the assclown that thought that this is an improvement over anything? This is the kind of mess that someone should go to jail over. U G L Y.

Great job too stuccoing the beautiful old brick building on the corner too… Unbelievable what passes for taste in this city sometimes…. If I was mayor, I’d pass a by-law banning the use of E.IF.S. in the city.


As a side note, the BOM’s fate will be decided tonight at City Council at 6:00 pm. If you haven’t registered as a delegate, it’s likely too late, but please come down anyways and help fill the council chamber. The more people in attendance in support of preservation, the better.

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