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Windsor Skyline – Mid 1960s

Here’s a postcard view from the mid 1960s looking down on downtown Windsor. The Miracle Mart is down there, brand spanking new. What jumps out at me the most is the lack of highrises downtown in the photo. It certainly was a very different place back then.


In regards to the BMO situation last night, for those that missed out, the building will be coming down. At the end of it all council made a very hard decision to let this one go.

The fact that is wasn’t on the inventory prior to the request for demolition, really put council between a rock and a hard place. The owner of the property threatened to sue the city if demolition wasn’t allowed. Several members of council were prepared to fight, but in the end it appeared that legally the city would end up losing.

While it’s heartbreaking to lose another building, this current City Council has been extremely supportive of matters pertaining to heritage, and I do appreciate their comments and support last night. It’s important to make sure from this point forward that as many buildings that aren’t on the inventory get listed.

Have a look at the current inventory, and if there are any older buildings in the city that aren’t listed please contact me by email or by leaving a message in the comments, and I’ll see that they are addressed. Let’s try and prevent this from happening again.

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