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Fire Station No. 3

A special thanks goes out to Chris Edwards from Walkerville Publishing for the tip on today’s entry. This place is literally four blocks from my house and I had never noticed it in the seven years I’ve been living here… Again, more local history hiding in plain sight…

Located on Langlois just north of Niagara, is what appears to be just another run of the mill, inner-city rental property.

However, as you look at the north side of the property you’ll see what strangely looks like a tower of some sort… A quick check has revealed Fire Hall No. 3. It was active at least though the 1920’s. Anyone out there know when it was closed?

The view from the alley gives a good view of the building and tower.

Photo above from

I found the photo above on the website. The caption reads:

Closing old station No.5 Wellington Street at Wyandotte Street West, November 25, 1961.

If you compare it to my first photo, you can see that both stations must have been built from the same plans.

An apartment building stands today on the site of Fire Station No. 5. (n.w. corner).

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