At least as far as the most recent streetcar photos are concerned.

The photos below are the rest of the most recent additions to Bernie’s collection. Again, I can’t thank Bernie and John enough for their willingness to share and for the hours invested in front of the scanner 🙂

** I also found my street car list, so there will be a little more information on the various cars today.

This photo from 1919, shows the “Work Car”.

This photo also from 1919, shows and unspecified car.

Car # 101 in 1918, this was one of the Interurban Cars. The car was built in 1902.

Car # 56 from 1918. The caption on the photo reads: “Typical Belt Line or Sandwich Car”. This car was built in 1912 and was still in service when the streetcar system was shut down in 1938.

A view of the Car Barns on London St. (now University Ave.). The complex is the Junction today.

Car # 37 in a photo from 1918, denoted as being on the “Tunnel Route”. I’m not sure what that means, as the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel wasn’t built until 1930, although the rail tunnel was open. After 1919 this St. Louis built car was converted to a double ended car from a single end as seen in this photo.

From 1918, this photo is captioned: “Typical Car on the Ouellette Route”

From 1918, on Main Street in Sandwich on the private right of way. Main Street was paved over long ago and renamed Ojibway Parkway. This was likely on the part of the road around the poop plant today.

Another view of the London St. Car Barns from 1918.

Car # 29, another St. Louis product, in this photo from 1919. This car was out of the fleet by 1926.

An undated shot of the car bars. Likely from the 1930’s.

Car # 453, from 1925. Built in 1925 by the Ottawa Car Co. This car was brand new when this photo was taken. These series of cars were last ones bought. 451-453 were also the biggest ones in the fleet. They were 50’3″ long and had seating for 52 passengers.

Car # 452, the same as above, but built in 1924. As has been mentioned before, both 452 & 453 (above) were scrapped in 1938.

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