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United Grill

From my 1954 Visitor’s Guide, the only other restuarant still open, the United Grill on University Ave near the old Greyhound Station. A gleaming white, streamlined modern architectural beauty.

The interior looks like it was quite the hopping place at one time. Check out that lunch counter!

While they may have been open seven days a week in 1954, today they are a Monday to Friday operation, catering mainly to the downtown office crowd.

* Photo from the collection of the Municipal Archives *

It looks like the building had a change of the vertical sign, but the structure itself remained unaltered, at least through the early 1970’s.

Too bad the same can’t be said for today. Somewhere along the way, the building met the pebble stone treatment, the “stucco” of choice for the 1970’s. Maybe they got a two for one deal when they did the old Bus Station next door 🙂

Another downtown restaurant that has been around for more than half a century. This one however you never hear about.

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