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Walkerville’s Shame

Sadly, what should be one of not only Walkerville’s, but also one of Windsor’s grandest homes, has been slowly spiraling into a massive pile of crap.

This house on Ontario Street, was built by rum runner Harry Low during the prohibition era. Following Low’s ownership the house was owned from the 1950’s until the early 1990’s by Paul Martin Sr.

The house has been in need of a new roof for longer than a decade, and the exterior wood trim is starting to deteriorate. Earlier this year, the property owner attempted to sever the property creating two lots. It was rejected by City Council as was a subsequent appeal to the OMB. I have recently noticed that the once grand hedge around the corner of the property has been very poorly hacked down and mangled.

Great curb appeal on a house that’s for sale. In fact it doesn’t look very lived in these days.

Here is the house back in 2003 when it looked much better. Note the hedges.

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