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Seagrave Fire

Thursday night/Friday morning saw a fire over on Walker Rd. at the historic Seagrave Factory. For a bit of background on the building, see this post from March 20th, 2006.

Luckily the fire that has been ruled as arson, didn’t cause any major damage to the century old building. Fire officials estimated about $250k in damage, but ruled the building free of structural damage.

Most old factory buildings of this vintage, were built in what is known as the “Mill Construction” style. That meant the old fashioned type of wooden post and beam construction vs. the more modern style of reinforced concrete. Back in the early part of the century having huge beams in your building construction that would take hours to burn through, allowed one to claim their building as “fireproof”. šŸ™‚

The scar on the back wall is visible in the b&w photo from 1913 as a door. Border Cities Wire & Iron Works were in this location in 1927. I’m not sure how long they were around but that painted sign is probably of a similar vintage.

Broken windows, and soot on the bricks seem to be the extent of the damage.

This shot in HDR gives a good idea of where the fire was, you can see where the flames and smoke blackened the brick.

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