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Ford Plant 1 Demolition

From the Windsor Star, December 22, 1969. The Walls Tumble Down – No this isn’t a Second World War photo of bombed out Berlin or Coventry. It’s the demolition of Ford of Canada’s old Plant 1 complex on Riverside Dr. E. Six old plant building are coming down under the wrecker’s hammer. Star photographer Walter Jackson took this photo of the destruction as the…
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Park Surprise

It’s not very often that a building nerd like myself can stumble across something new in this City, but a bike ride Saturday afternoon led to my discovery of this great architectural treasure. Tucked in a back corner of Memorial park, and well vandalized, I spied this…

Natalie Mayville

Just a little something to take you through the weekend. Check out some of the artwork created by talented Windsor Artist Natalie Mayville. She usues a unique mix of media. Starting with wood, layered with plaster, paper, latex and oil paints and various other mediums. She was recently part of a show during Art Walkerville last Friday night. Great stuff. Be sure and check her Website…
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More Smoke Stacks

So on my way home from work yesterday, I noticed that the stacks were still coming down. Only this time they are being removed from the inside of the plant. Also, does any know what’s going on with the Lafarge Building? I noticed the dumpster beside it the other day.
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Landmark Smoke Stacks

I know by this point this is old news… I shot this picture this past weekend, as the old Paint Shop smoke stack removal was taking place. I was trying to find a photo I had of the stacks in all their glory, it just took longer than expected to find it… Here are…
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SS Noronic & Hamonic

Back in October 2005, I ran a peice on the SS Hamonic with help/contributions from T.R. Anderson II. I was going though some old post cards, when I came across this one of both sister ships. Both of these great ships of the Great Lakes met tragic endings with fires. The Noronic with a large loss of life in Toronto September 17, 1949 This tombstone in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto markes…
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Devonshire Racetrack

A recent question from a reader brought up the subject of Devonshire Racetrack. As Windsor tries to shed its “sin city” moniker, a look back at our history shows we’ve always been the playground for what the Americans can’t have. There was a time…
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Casino Expansion Update

It’s been a while so today we check in again, down at the Casino Expansion site. The tower is rapidly rising again now that the labour strike has ended. You can see how the old and new sections are tying in together over McDougall Ave., which incidentally will be…