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Grace Hospital

Today we head over to the abandoned Grace Hospital site. Many Windsorites came into the world at Grace Hospital, my Mother included back in 1946.

The photo above dates to 1920 and comes from the collection of John Stefani. Many thanks to John for scanning and sending along the photo.

Now to the former Hospital grounds. The house above caught fire and burned to the ground around 1920 IN 1960. In 1921 a new wing to Grace Hospital was built, and that is the old portion still visible. Additions were made in 1953 and 1964. Grace Hospital merged with Hotel-Dieu in the late 1990’s 2000, and closed around 1999-2000 (if someone has the correct dates, please let me know) in 1994 (thanks Lilly!). The building sits vacant with little hope of reuse, and slightly vandalized. The broken windows/exposure to the elements must be doing wonders for the structure of the 1921 building.

Another of Windsor’s Historic Buildings, completely disregarded and discarded.

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