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Cathedral Of The Most Blessed Sacrament

Located at Woodward & Belmont Streets, the Cathedral was begun in 1915 by Cleveland Architect Henry A. Walsh. However the Cathedral didn’t look like it did today when Walsh was finished. *** Photo from the Diehl & Diehl Archives *** The local firm of Diehl & Diehl were commissioned by the Archdiocese to finish the towers and make the interior more Cathedral like. In 1940…
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…of the continent. Work took me to Tucson, Arizona this past weekend, and I had half a day with my camera before the flight home. The “White Dove of the Desert”. The mission of Saint Xavier del Bac. Founded about 10 miles south of Tucson in 1692, the current church building was built in 1797. The interior of the church is both unexpected and stunning. Many members of the…
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DetroitPhoto Du Jour

Detroit Cornice and Slate

So, I’m up in Ferndale the other day, and what do I stumble across but the Detroit Cornice and Slate Company. As I’m sure everyone knows, the company’s old home downtown is now occupied by the Metro Times. So here they are still plugging away after…
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Gormar Apartments

Located at Woodward & Nevada between 6 and 7 mile roads, across from Palmer Park, this beatuy caught my eye the other day. Built in 1923 the Gormar Apartments has seen better days, however I’m sure with its location, it was at one time quite a fashionable address.
Photo Du JourWindsor

First Presbyterian Church of Walkerville

In the Walkerville district of Windsor, at the corner of Windermere and Niagara, stands this red brick church. Built as the first Presbyterian Church of Walkerville in 1908, it was for many years known as Chalmers United Church. After a spell of vacancy, it has reopened as…
DetroitPhoto Du Jour

Electrograph Building Parducci's

Located at Fort and Vinewood in southwest Detroit, I spied this handsome Art Deco building, with what looked to be some of Corrado Parducci’s work up above. The building today houses the Latino Family Services, who have been around since 1971. I checked in with my…