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Bridge To Nowhere

So a few years ago Windsor City Council decided that the city was being choked by the lack of road crossings over Little River. There are only two main crossings – Riverside Dr. and Tecumseh Rd. Tecumseh was designed to handle the high volumes of traffic, but Riverside isn’t. However, as more and more idiots feel the need to build stucco Garage-mahals out in what was a few years ago a cornfield, and as the unmitigated urban sprawal of the Windsor area continues to head eastwards us taxpayers need to fund roads for “them”.

The plan called for expanding Wyandotte St. eastwards across Little River by a bridge.

Well, the bridge is up, but that’s about it.

As you can see the dirt has been graded back towards Wyandotte & Riverdale.

For the first time ever, the City has shown some foresight. The bridge is currently 2 lanes, but could be easly expanded in the future to 4 lanes.

Looking north towards Lake St. Clair.

The eastern approach is graded, and a sidewalk exit is in to the road below, however the road seems to continue towards nothing… There is no current road to take the traffic volumes on this side of the river. Seems like there is some infastructure missing over here….

So for now, this remains a bridge to nowhere.

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