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I need your opinion.

The building below built in 1957, by Windsor Architectural Firm Johnson & McWhinnie is threatened with demolition. If anything the death knell has been sounded. It is located on the Windsor Waterfront at the foot of Ouellette Ave. It is known as the Cleary Guest House, having been erected by Lawyer E.A. Cleary in 1957. E.A. Cleary was the son of Francis Cleary who served as mayor of Windsor from 1883-1885.

From the standpoint of being built by a renowned local architectural firm and the pedigree of the structure, it is important from that end.

It is a multi-use facility, housing a snack bar on the lower level, as well as restrooms. The second floor serves as a covered observation deck. The plan calls for its demolition and replacment with a new comfort station nearby.

A recent complaint about demoliton came from a concered citizen who thought it was an important example of mid-century civic architecture.

So what’s your opinion? Is it an important architectural structure, or a peice of shite? Is it worth saving?

Please post your comments below.


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