Old Car Factories

So, over on the Detroityes.com forum, there has been a thread on Old Car Factories going since February.

We have attempted to create over there a semi-official list, gleaned from all the info. we’ve been spewing for the last 8 months. So…. Without further delay, I am pleaded to present the Old Car Factory List v. 2.01. Many thanks to Hornwrecker from the forum for creating the master list.

As it gets updated, I will update the file.

Please feel free to look it over and e-mail me any corections, additions, etc…

The file can be downloaded HERE.

4 Comments on Old Car Factories

  1. HI,
    I would be very interested in learning more about the King Motor Car Company, it location, buildings, photos, etc. Please contact me.

  2. What are the abreviations on your master list for TYPE and for FATE? Can I get a breakdown of what they mean please? Also, What city is 1685 Gratiot Ave in?
    Thanks, Brian

  3. Wow! This is a list I’ve contemplated making! How neat. If people have questions about the Gotfredson Companies, and American Auto Trimming, I probably have answers.

  4. I’m also wondering about what the abreviations for TYPE and FATE are. I’m interested in seeing what factories are still up and not running… either abandoned or in need of renovation or re-use and whatnot.

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