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Displaced History

So with rumors abound that the former Tecumseh DUR station might still be standing, I headed to the suburbs with John and Mike to see what we might be able to uncover. This Victorian house on Lesperance is visible in the old postcard view posted two weeks ago. Just north of the station you can see the home. The streetcar tracks ran along the side of the road, and did a loop at the…
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Bird's Eye View - 1928

Here’s one of my favourite old Windsor Postcards. This one dates to 1928, and was taken from the roof of the Norton Palmer, and is looking west along Park Street. The Royal Windsor Apartments, which were brand new are visible in the foreground, to the rear is the Royal…
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A Pair Of Old Postcards

Here’s a pair of old postcards, I’ve been meaning to post for a while. This one is looking south on Chilver from Niagara. That’s the Willistead Park fence on the left. This one is from John Stefani’s personal collection. This one is the DUR station in Tecumseh. It is from the Bernie Drouillard Collection, I’m not sure where this was. Was/is this the station that is…
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St. Alphonsus Rectory

This one was still standing until the last tunnel plaza expansion. The house was demolished in 1993. It was a very rare (the last one in the city?) local example of French Second Empire Style architecture. They were a dime a dozen when they were first built, but…
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Statler Motel

On March 7th., I featured a post on Boose’s Tourist Camp. This Post card is the same location, but in the late 1950’s. By this point it was known as the Statler Motel. I’m sure it was no realtion to the US Chain of Statler Hotels, one of which was located…
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Ouellette Aveune at Night - 1956

From a postcard I have, postmarked 1959. However the photo dates to 1956 as “Goodbye My Lady” is shown on the marquee at the original version of the Palace. The caption on the back of the card reads: Ouellette Ave., at night Windsor, Ontario, Canada The principal…