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Benstein Block – Pitt and McDougall – 1917

From the Evening Record, May 1917:

    Ever alert to the interests and prosperity of the city as well as to his own affairs, H. Benstein, merchant, now occupies the new building he recently erected at the corner of Pitt street and McDougall avenue, Windsor.

    The building is a credit to the city and is built on the site of Mr. Benstein’s old establishment in which he conducted a dry goods, clothing and grocery business for the past seventeen years. The structure is three stories high, about 50×90 feet, with entrances on Pitt and McDougall, and is of steel, concrete and brick construction trimmed with stone.

    The entire lower floor is occupied entirely by Mr. Benstein for his clothing, dry goods and grocery department, and in appointment is very appropriate. All the latest equipment has been installed making the store very complete and up-to-date. The second and third floors are laid out in apartments.

    Steam heats the entire building.

According to the book “The Jews of Windsor”, Eli Herman Benstein, was born in Poland in the town Grodno (now in Belarus) in 1865. He arrived in Windsor in the 1880’s. Herman built Windsor’s first apartment house around 1900, and he passed away following a lengthy illness on December 26, 1928

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