Walkerville High School

From the Border Cites Star, June 23, 1921:

    Sketch of the design accepted by the Walkerville School Board for the new high school to be erected at a cost of $450,000. It was prepared by Boyd (sic) and Thomson of Windsor. The new building will be located on Huron street, between Devonshire and Monmouth roads. It will be of a gray-buff color (sic) and will contain 24 class-rooms in addition to physics and chemistry laboratories, and auditorium to seat 8000 people, a gymnasium and a swimming pool. All the class-rooms will be above grade level, only the swimming pool being below ground. The boiler room and power house will be located in a separate building.

Designed by John Boyde and J.P. Thomson, the construction was supervised by Pennington and Boyde.

According to the newspaper reports at the time, this design was the winning one in a competition held to design the new building. Local architects who made it to the final round were I.S.F. Walker (who designed the Lincoln Road United Church), David Cameron and Albert McPhail. I would love to see some of the designs that were submitted but never chosen.

Throughout the 1920’s some of Windsor’s grandest buildings were schools. Along with John Campbell, Kennedy and others, it was truly a boom time in the Border Cities, luckily many of these fine buildings still stand today.

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