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Today’s post is thanks to Google Street View and a couple of recently lost buildings in Windsor.

The Whiski Jack Bar, was the victim of arson last week.

So this old handsome brick building from the glory days of Ford City is no more.

Another recent demolition, which was tipped of to me by a few different readers, is this formerly residential, commercial structure on the north east corner of Tecumseh Rd and Langlois.

I don’t have much background on either structure, but the old house looked to be much older than anything around it.


Also, any Kingsville residents out there? I was asked to spread the word below about the Carnegie Library, and tonight’s Council Meeting:

Kingsville BIA & Kingsville Arts & Culture Development Assoc.
July 8, 2011

Council has set aside 1.8 million dollars for community projects from the sale of ELK shares. The BIA and its subcommittee, the Arts and Cultural Development Association, have been working very hard to ensure the Carnegie Building be included as a priority in this allocation. We were pleased to see the arts and culture remains a priority for the Town’s strategic planning for 2011, including consideration of an arts and culture centre and year round visitor’s bureau.

Council will be considering the funding of historic Carnegie Building renovations on Monday night at 7:00 p.m.

The anticipated costs to renovate the building, bringing it up to code and adding an annex with an elevator for handicap access to both levels and public washrooms are being presented as $322,875.00 with the washrooms being in the annex.

What is not clear from the agenda is the nature and extent of the renovations being suggested by administration. The BIA’s vision includes preserving the green space beside the Carnegie. The architect’s report attached to Council’s agenda continues to show 18 parking spaces in this wonderful area.

Ensure Council does not “pave paradise and put up a parking lot”! We need your VISIBLE support for the BIA’s vision with our goal so close at hand. We really need YOU, and as many people as possible to attend the meeting on Monday to support the Carnegie renovation under the BIA vision if it is going to be successful. Green spaces are rare in downtown areas, and having a parkette to use for our concerts, art shows, etc. is vital to our vision of a vibrant downtown and of course to our revenue gathering should Council agree to the building becoming the arts and culture centre.

Your attendance at our Kingsville Town Hall, 2021 Division St. N., Kingsville, on Monday July 11th at 7.00 p.m. will greatly enhance our chances of success.

You can also show you support for the BIA’s vision of the Carnegie Arts and Cultural Centre and Kingsville Visitors Centre by emailing your local council members to show your support:
Mayor Nelson Santos
Deputy Mayor Tamara Stomp
Councillor Bob Peterson
Councillor Gail Stiffler
Councillor Gord Queen
Councillor Ron Colasanti
Councillor Sandy McIntyre

With your support we might be able to dance in the park on July 22 celebrating a victory to the music of Creole du Nord while we enjoy the BIA’s next free summer concert.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal, and for your support of this initative. We hope to see you Monday night.

Kingsville Arts & Culture Development Association – a sub committee of the
Kingsville BIA

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