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Whelpton & Drouillard – 1945

Happy Friday everyone, and Happy Long Weekend! This was the post that was planned for last Friday, but got cancelled due to unplanned downtime. So we’ll try again today.

Today’s old photo is dated, September 12, 1945, the caption on the back reads:

    Ford Plant # 2 Strike – Windsor

Looks like it was a happening place. I’m not sure if the street was usually this busy, or if it was due to the strike. Note the police or fire call box on the corner, just to the right of the stop sign. Here’s a question for any experts out there, when did stop signs change to the standard white letters on a red background?

The first striker hold a sign that demands – 2 weeks vacation “with pay”. Amazing the things we take for granted today, that were hard fought for, not that long ago.

Here’s a view of the intersection of Whelpton & Drouillard today. Both buildings are still standing although they, along with the view, looks much different.

Have a fun, safe long weekend. See you back here Monday.

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