[UPDATE] Server Upgrade…

A while back I mentioned that a server upgrade was coming… Well it’s finally here.

Things “should” go according to plan. But you never know.

Since I’m going to have to export the database over to the new server, I’m going to disable commenting here so no contributions get lost. Once the switch over is done, I’ll re-enable comments, and we’ll be back to normal.

However, don’t expect the next post to come your way until Friday.



UPDATE – 8.03

Things moving along well… seems to be working well.

Start commenting again, and if you end up with any comments not showing up, please email me. There were initially some issues with the spam lists on the server, but they seem to be sorted out…

Most of the rest of the work involves behind the scenes tweaking….

I think as of now we’re on track for a return to regular posting on Friday.

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