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Humpty Dumpty Trailer Court

Today’s photo’s come from regular reader Luc, who showed me there are still a few places around town that I don’t know about. One of which is this trailer park in the midst of Big Box Sprawl…

Here’s a map of the area, with the park located inside the yellow circle. The best way to describe it, is back behind the lighting boutique.

Luc, shot two series of pictures of the place, which he kindly forwarded for sharing. I’m going to let Luc’s photos speak for themselves, if you have any questions for Luc, post a comment and hopefully he’ll chime in with an answer.

The postcard above appeared in the Walkerville Press’ book “Postcards from the Past, Vol. 1

The motel still stands on Walker Rd, just south of the car wash on the corner of Cty. Rd 42 & Walker. The post card is looking towards Walker.

It looks like the book is now sold out/out of print, but I think a copy or two can still be had on eBay…

Stories abound about it being home to some Bikers in the 1970’s. Any stories or memories about the place?


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