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George Wilkinson Residence – Then and Now

Recently uncovered in the Evening Record from 1912:

This attractive residence is located on Dougall avenue, and is the home of Mr. Geo. H. Wilkinson. The exterior walls are of brick and brown shingles. The first floor contains a living room, 23×12 feet, dining room, vestibule, hall with a coat closet and an (sic) open stairs, and kitchen. On the second floor are three large chambers with closets, a linen closet, and a bath room. The first floor is finished in oak with hardwood floors. The living room has panelled (sic) walls and beamed ceiling. Hot water system is used for the heating. Leybourne & Whitney are the architects.

George Wilkinson was the proprietor of Wilkinson’s Shoes on Ouellette Ave. A longtime downtown business. Some of the older readers of this site might remember the business.

So I tracked the house though the city directories to being located at what is today, 1319 Dougall Ave. I hopped in my ride to go see how it’s fared after 97 years…

She’s long gone. Surprisingly, because in that area of town (Dougall & Montrose – just south of Gilles) is fairly original. Judging from the houses now on the site (one of about 4 identical side by sides), it’s hasn’t been gone too long, or at least the land was vacant not too long ago.

Anyone live near here, or know what the scoop is with these houses?

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