2161 Riverside Drive West

This house on Riverside Drive West, between Rankin and Randolph has always caught my eye as standing out from the rest, despite the bad renovation job over the years.

This photo above appeared in the paper in July, 1924. The caption reads:

Residence of Mr. E. R. C. Struthers, Sandwich St.

As you can see, someone closed in what was a large front porch to expand the living area. It appears that the house is today a multi-unit rental property.

According to my trusty 1923-24 City Directory, the listing for Mr. Struthers is as follows:

E R C Struthers, Proprietor, Concrete Bumper Co. House 805 Sandwich E (Sandwich)

The Concrete Bumper Co., was located at 520-524 Tuscarora.

Here’s where the building was in 1937:

Today the site is home to a much smaller building.

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