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Photo Show @ The Backroom Gallery

Photo © Gerry Kaiser Photo © Gerry Kaiser Photo © Gerry Kaiser Local photographer Gerry Kaiser, sent along a few of his photos from the Casting Plant Demolition that will be displayed at the Backroom Gallery – 4749 Wyandotte St. E. in a show opening this Friday. Details can be found in the flyer at the bottom of this post. If you can, head over there tonight and check it out. You are…
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Ferry Landing - c. 1915

Today’s picture is courtesy of John Stefani, who sends along this scan from his collection. A great shot of the ferry landing at the Foot of Ouellette Avenue. This card captures the changing of an era. There is a horse and buggy against the curb, and just to the right…
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Devonshire From The Peadbody Bridge - c. 1984

Photo © Al Gradwell Another picture from the Al Gradwell collection, via Tim Swaddling… This photo was taken from the Peabody Bridge looking east, towards Devonshire. The Walker Power Building is on the right. Most of the tracks are long gone, and this is an area of town that looks much different today. The old Walkerville Town Hall, was moved from Riverside Drive (just visible on the…
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Training Car

Photo © Al Gradwell Some more pictures from the Al Gradwell collection, via Tim Swaddling. This is car #96, according to the stories Tim passes along, this is a former CN car, painted up in this shot in the VIA colours. This car was used by VIA to train new employees. Maybe…
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VIA 6771 - c. 1983

Photo © Al Gradwell Some more pictures from the Al Gradwell collection, via Tim Swaddling. This is a pretty standard shot, but there a great capture of an interesting looking building to the left of the train. Photo © Al Gradwell Anyone remember this building? Any stories…
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Via Rail Eastbound at Stoney Point - c. 1984

Today’s photo taken by Al Gradwell comes to us once again via Tim Swaddling. Tim is helping to digitize a large number of older rail slides, and where possible and with the photographer’s permission, he’s sharing ones that he thinks may be of interested to the readers of this site. Photo © Al Gradwell A neat shot of the eastbound Via rail train passing the long gone, Stoney…
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