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St. Edmond

A pair of old downtown area postcards for today. First up is St. Edmond School. It was located on Tuscarora Ave. just east of Marentette, behind what was then Immaculate Conception Church, in fact, you can catch a glimpse of the church on the left side fo the card. I’m not sure when the school closed, when I first moved to Windsor in 1989, I seem to remember some new kids in school that…
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Photo Du JourPostcardsWindsor

Old Sandwich Schools

Here are a pair of century old postcards (c. 1909) of two schools in Sandwich. The Sandwich Public School, and St. Francis. St. Francis School, built in 1901, was located on the corner of Peter & Detroit. The site today is a parking lot. The Sandwich Public School was…
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Dougall Avenue School

This might bring back some memories for some of my readers. The original Dougall Ave. School was built in 1904, and stood until 1990, when in the name of progress, the School Board smacked her down, for a modern box. The replacement school was opened on the same site in…
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Sunnyside Hotel

The Sunnyside Hotel in Lasalle is featured in this postcard postmarked from 1934. During Prohibition the Sunnyside was one of the many popular places you could still get a drink. It was a regular hangout for Detroit’s infamous Purple Gang, Jean Harlow also paid a visit during prohibition. The Tavern was also a notorious Gambling Den, with rooms set up for blackjack, slots and craps. Sadly…
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Routley's Motel - 1954

Think about how great it would be after a long day on the road to go kick back in the television lounge. 🙂 This place was located at Walker and Division, where the Applebee’s is located today. I seem to recall the restaurant building (the lower building pictured in…
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Old Ford Postcard

Here’s an older postcard view of the Ford Factory I recently added to my collection, it has a very strange green tint to it for some reason…. The postcard dates to the late 30’s early 40’s, and I have no idea what that huge expanse of land is in the…
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Home Bank Building

The former Home Bank building at Wyandotte and Windermere is one of my favourite buildings in Walkerville, and the western anchor of what is perhaps our best looking and most intact historic commercial block. This postcard view is from Walkerville Publishing’s Postcards From The Past. A great book, if you don’t have a copy, it really is a must have for history fans. This view above…
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