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Manning House

There was a big discussion on an old post the other day about the fate of the remains of the Manning House. The Heritage Committee (of which I am a part) voted to not take any action in moving to designate the remaining section when faced with a request for demolition. The plans for redevelopment call for the demolition of the The former Royal Bank Building on the corner of Pitt and Ouellette…
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Norton Palmer

Another old postcard today, this one of the Norton Palmer. What a great old building. It’s a shame that it didn’t survive until today. It would have been a prime candidate for rehab like the Book-Cadillac in Detroit, or a great Condo conversion…
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St. Dennis Hall

This postcard was postmarked 1978 (not that means anything). The caption reads: Entrance ST. DENNIS HALL Gymnasium UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR Seeing as this is St. Dennis Hall, a gymnasium, and the current St. Dennis Centre located on College Ave. contains a Gym. I’m…
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Majestic Tavern

Another old postcard from the John Stefani Collection, this one shows the Majestic Tavern a.k.a. the “Old Spain Dining Lounge”. Located on Ottawa Street, the building today is better recognized as Tops of Windsor. I guess back then with the nearby Blue Danube Hungarian Restaurant, the Majestic must have consisted of quite an ethnic dining area. 😉 Thanks to John for scanning and…
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Hugh Beaton School

Located on the corner of Lens and Windermere in south Walkerville, is this grand old school. Built in 1928 by the local firm of Nichols, Sheppard & Masson, sadly this building also received the same half assed window replacement that Walkerville C.I. also…
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Windsor Skyline - Mid 1960s

Here’s a postcard view from the mid 1960s looking down on downtown Windsor. The Miracle Mart is down there, brand spanking new. What jumps out at me the most is the lack of highrises downtown in the photo. It certainly was a very different place back…