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Assumption College From The Air

A neat postcard view of the University from late 1950’s early 1960’s. Intersting to note on the back of the car, it says “Photo by Frank Wansborough”.

Photo above from the Windsor Star Library © 1987

On the old site I ran the following quip when Frank Wansborough Passed away. He passed away Saturday, February 20, 2005.

The 27th Mayor of the City of Windsor passed away Saturday at the age of 85. Wansy was the mayor of Windsor from 1970-1975. He was a city councilor and owner of Wansborough’s Camera Shop prior to becoming mayor. He also once threw Xaviera Hollander the “Happy Hooker” out of his office. In 1974 he was in a battle for election to his third term as mayor, when a huge blizzard hit the city in December 1974. Voter turnout was very low, and after waiting two days for the results, Wansborough lost to Bert Weeks by less than 800 votes. This blizzard also is the reason Windsor’s municipal elections were moved back to November, to avoid any future blizzards on election day. After losing Wansborough started a travel agency, and offered his popular “Wander with Wansy” guided tours around the world.

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