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Brewster Projects - Detroit

Happy Friday everyone… Here we are again, and today we’ll head across the river to take a look at this great rendering of the original plans for the Brewster Projects. The photo is dated April 11, 1936, and the caption of the back reads: Brewster – (East Side) slum clearance project – 11 blocks, bounded by Rowena, Brewster, St. Antoine & Rivard The project was…
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DetroitOld PhotographsUnbuilt

Unbuilt Detroit

As we’ve seen on this site over the years, there have been many architectural plan floated that never came to be, on both sides of the river. Here today we take a look at a plan for the Detroit Riverfront that was not to be. This rendering shows a perspective looking…
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2010 - The Year In Review

Well here we are again, another year in the book, and another chance to take a look back the demolition tally of 2010. This year there was a lot of demolitions, some of them due to DRIC, some of them not… 1017 Ouellette, this one came down hopefully to help make the…
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2011 Detroit Historical Calendar

Once again, our friend Robert Klatt over in Detroit, has put together another edition of his fabulous Detroit Historical Image Calendar. This year, Robert has the calendar for sale – $13.99, including shipping to any US address. Add $4.03 for shipping to Canada. The calendar can be purchased through Rob’s website:, or at his eBay store: Link…
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Albert Kahn

Once again Friday is upon us… Today’s old photo is date stamped on the back from June, 1940, and shows architect Albert Kahn of Detroit looking over blueprints. Some of Kahn’s Windsor area projects…. Not including those done while he was with Mason…
DetroitOld Photographs

Briggs Manufacturing Fire - 1963

It’s been a long while since we’ve poked our head over to the US side of the international metropolis, but seeing as it’s Friday, and time for an old photograph, this is one that caught my eye, a stunning photo that really captures the fire that befell the…
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Windsor Waterfront - 1939

Up today is a panoramic photo of the Windsor Waterfront, from 1939. At the left is the old Station, to the right are the tracks… Here’s a close up of the old CN station… As always there are always some interesting details in these old photos…. Looks like some repairs are being made to the tracks. Note the planking to cross the tracks… Also interesting to note the…
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Windsor From Above - 1930

As we head into the long weekend, today’s photo comes again from the Detroit News archives, this one was shot on a hazy July 12, 1930 There are some amazing parts of Windsor captured in this 80 year old photo. A nice view of Downtown Detroit is also visible in this…
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Ice breaking - 1928

Another old photo today. This one dates to 1928, again from the Detroit News or Detroit Times archives. The caption on the back of this one reads as follows: Str. LaSalle breaking its way through ice to the Windsor dock, 1-15-28. Taken from Str. Cadillac A neat view of…