Downtown Shoppers


Here’s a throwback to January of 2002, 14 years ago. Back then the Shoppers Drug Mart that’s now on the corner of Wyandotte & Ouellette used to be further up Ouellette, just south of Park St. They moved out when the store relocated to the present location, and I think this storefront has been vacant ever since…

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  1. I’m pretty sure, that glass building is not where Metropolitan store was located. It was the pale gold building you see on Ouellette, just south of Wyandotte St. Metropolitan store was not on a corner. I worked there in the mid 1960’s, it was a fairly new store built, after the 1960 explosion.

  2. The building pictured was definitely built on the site of the former Metropolitan Store. After the Metropolitan store closed, it had multiple uses, none very successful. For a while it was a flea market type of affair where small businesses could rent space. If I recall correctly, Transit Windsor had their bus pass photo site in there for a while. The fa├žade was redone with a pebble effect over the original brickwork before this building was constructed. The yellow brick building on the west side of Ouellette south of Wyandotte Street was Woolworth’s, not Metropolitan.

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