Riverside Brewery Share Offer – 1934


A old ad that ran in August 1934, offering shares in the Riverside Brewing Corporation. Looks like the Riverside Brewing Company was founded in 1933, according to the ad, to “take over the business and assets of the Riverside Brewery Company Limited” which itself was founded in 1925.

Sounds like the original Riverside Brewery ran from 1925 to 1933, when it must have gone under. This was an attempt to get it back up and running. I’m not sure if they were successful in their attempt or not. Anyone out there know anything about the brewing history of our region?

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  1. I lived close to there. On Bertha St.Born in “61 The smokestack came down in the late 60s or early 70s I think .There was a schoolhouse a cross the street, Colbuure.The union jack waved for awhile. Confederation came, the maple leaf flag flew after that.We fished there as kids, and swam on the beach where cottages were.We had a flood, the cottages were condemned, and, taken over by the city. Later to become Sand Point Beach.I remember the notices being posted on the doors of these cottages.Many Americans had owned The board of Health had something to do with it.People drowned at the beach due to swift currents.Sand piles, Bulk storage trucks with a blue background, and white lettering upon it”s doors.Silver bass,smallmouth bass and gar pike.Later on smelt at Pelee, filling bathtubs. All gone, a different time. What to do?

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