7 Comments on Oak Ridge Golf Club – Sandwich – c. 1909

  1. Only one man? Was Oak Ridge that progressive at a time when women were still fighting for the vote? Wonder if the women were banned from the grill room like at Augusta today?Imagine playing golf dressed like that in the hot summer sun.

  2. There’s an odd little cottagey house at Peter and Chappel that has always intrigued me. Could this be the same building? 395 Chappel

  3. Has anyone heard the local lore of mysterious “wildfires” having occurred at the Essex golf & country club way back around its founding era?

  4. Joe, there are some similarities, but I don’t think it’s the same house. The spacing of the windows is all different. The Oak Ridge Club House is clearly narrower.

  5. Odd to see all the women at the club house, and obviously active players. Because when Essex was established on Matchette it is my understanding that no women were allowed to play the course..nor Jews or blacks.

  6. My grandfather would tell me stories about he and his brother playing in the abandoned version of this very golf course behind their house on Wigle Ave. in the west end when they were kids. This would have been in the late 30s, early 40s.

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