C.S. Wind Plant Expansion

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C.S. Wind, as reported, purchased this building from Valiant Tool, as their new manufacturing location. The building located on Anchor Drive against the expressway between Lauzon & Banwell, has seen the Valiant signs come down and C.S. Wind ones go up in the last few weeks, but the real story is taking place to the rear.

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The property stretches all the way back to Twin Oaks Drive, and it’s along Twin Oaks where a huge expansion is taking place.

Over the last few weeks the steel has been going up…

…and work is progressing, and the building is starting to take shape. It may not look like much, but…

… when you zoom in and see the workers on the roof, a better idea of the scale of this project is seen.

Expansion is good, especially given that this is still the initial set-up phase. Even though it is more manufacturing, any jobs being created in this City is a positive.


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