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Syrian Coffee House - 1948

Another Friday, and again the end of another month… This one is a bit a mystery. This photo is part of a grouping of store fronts all dated Feb. 29, 1948. The caption on the back reads: Syrian Club on Cartier St., Windsor, Ont. Gambling I am assuming that there must have been a big raid on illegal gambling parlours in Windsor in February 1948, and all the places I have pictures of were…
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Essex CountyPostcards

Leamington High School

Staying out in Leamington, here is a shot of the old High School. Looks like it was once a residence that was added on to and converted to scholastic use. Some time the detail in these old post cards is just amazing. Look at how full the parking lot is…
Essex CountyLost WindsorPostcards

House of Refuge - Leamington

OK, County Historians, what can you tell me about this place? It looks like it was quite a grand place. A bit of googling brought me to this document here, that makes it look like it was built around 1900 maybe a little before, and sometime before 1961, became known as the…
DetroitOld PhotographsRenderings

Brewster Projects - Detroit

Happy Friday everyone… Here we are again, and today we’ll head across the river to take a look at this great rendering of the original plans for the Brewster Projects. The photo is dated April 11, 1936, and the caption of the back reads: Brewster – (East Side) slum clearance project – 11 blocks, bounded by Rowena, Brewster, St. Antoine & Rivard The project was…
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Essex CountyPostcards

Talbot Street - Leamington

Sticking to the county again, this time we’re out to Leamington in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s. A neat view of the main shopping district. It’s easy to see upon closer inspection how these were just hand tinted versions of black & white…
Essex CountyPostcards

Essex High School

Sticking with the Essex County theme again today, we head back to Essex… According to Wikipedia, Essex District High School “… was founded in 1885 and is the oldest operating publicly funded high school in Ontario” The original building burned down in…
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Riverview Apartments - 1948

Happy Friday once again! Up today is a picture of the Riverview Apartments, sadly without any kind of explanation about exactly what has happened here…. On the back is a stamp dated March 24 1948, and a caption that reads: “RIVERVIEW APTS 951 SANDWICH ST WINDSOR” but nothing else… A storm? An explosion? I see a fire escape twisted on the ground, may the wall just gave…
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Essex CountyPostcards

Talbot Street - Essex

Off for the first time in a long time out into Essex County… Today’s postcard features a view from the late 1970’s? I’m sure someone can date it by looking at the cars. The caption on the back reads: TALBOT STREET, ESSEX, ONTARIO. Photograph by: Barry…