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Weekend Demolition

Last Thursday night, on my way home from work, I was coming up McDougall when look what my eye see… The famous building eaters.

A neat old factory, was last used as a place called Rust Shield a subsidiary of Flex-N-Gate, a large US based Auto parts supplier.

Like may other jobs in our fair city, this plant too closed up shop. The facade of the old office section fronting McDougall hinted back towards the 1920’s.

You could see the lines where the build had been expanded and added on to over the years…

The building was big, stretching from McDougall to Windsor and taking up the better part of 3/4 of a city block.

This sign always caught my eye, the old sign for a long closed in Receiving Dock.

So as the sun set, and the weekend approached…

…I suspected the building wasn’t long for this world.

A look at the old Fire Map shows the site as being the Essex Wire Corporation, and the back half as being Martin Transportation. All of these buildings eventually were swallowed up. Anyone remember any other companies that were located there?

So with it being the weekend and all, I always have a suspicious feeling, and whadda ya know? 7:15 pm on a Sunday night and the crews are hard a work tearing down an old industrial building.

Hard too see here as I was shooting into the sun with a camera phone, but this asshat parked his pickup with a giant trailer in the bike lane and most of the southbound lane of McDougall, I suspect that wasn’t legal.

I wonder if everything was in order, permits, etc… I am always suspicious of weekend demolitions… Anyone with any connections to any one in Planning or Building at the City who could check if permits were issued? If you find out and don’t want to leave a comment, you can always send me an email about it and stay anonymous.


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