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Border Cities Industries

This plant at Kildare and Munsee, was known as Border Cities Industires, and was a subsidiary of G.M. through the end of WWII. The building was owned by the government, but run by GM. I’m not certain when this plant was built, but I have a record for a plant built by General Motors in 1942, that was designed by Toronto architects Allward and Gouinlock, who also desgined the Guaranaty Trust…
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Railroad Hotels

Back when the CN passenger station was on the waterfront at the foot of Goyeau, there were a bunch of hotels to serve them. Wherever there were railroad stations there were hotels. Some examples still exist in the city today, most notably the Crown Inn building on Devonshire…

University Of Windsor - Mid 1960's

Today’s post is a postcard of the University of Windsor from the early to mid 1960’s. The caption on the back of the card reads as follows: UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR Windsor, Ontario, Canada A portion of the University of Windsor campus includes the steps of the…
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Today’s post comes courtesy of Scott Hughes. Scott was kind enough to pass on this photo he took of the old Eastown sign at Lauzon & Tecumseh before it was altered. View Larger Map As you can see, other than the steel uprights, and the name, not much remains the same. Interesting to note however, that much like the bridge, it started out black, and ended up teal… Thanks again for…
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Ukrainian Restaurant

While John may have beat me to the punch the other day, posting about this place on My Local Food Blog, I’m still going to post about it today. 😉 The photo above ran in the Detroit News, in January, 1972 along with a review of the place. My wife and I were…
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University And Bruce - Then and Now

Last week I had a photo of the Bruce Baptist Church demolition from 1949. I came across another photo of the area from 1929. Looking east toward Bruce Avenue. The church on the left is the Bruce Baptist Church we saw last week. Courtesy of Google Streetview here’s…
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Mai-Mai Tavern

A recent postcard I picked up off of eBay: MAI-MAI (MEANS FINE FOOD) This is one of the new bright lights for dining out, if you happen to be in the Windsor area. Tourists are treated to the finest in Chinese atmosphere and fine food. Your host Chuck Gan will be more than pleased to show you an evening you’ll long remember. Fully licensed. A big thanks goes out to Ric, who dug up a little…
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Red Robin Follow-up

A few weeks ago we took a look at 331 Ouellette which was once home the Red Robin Store. The photo above appeared in the Gladstone-White Book “A Moment in Time”, so it likely came from either the Windsor Archives or the Museum, as most of his uncredited photos…